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Is there anyone in the Front Range Community College in Colorado nursing program? I am just curious what the nursing program schedule looks like? How many times a week do you go for how many hours?

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I am starting this fall in the program. So I only know my schedule, not what other semesters will look like. Though they have two sample semester schedules on the FRCC nursing website. The challenging thing about the schedule is that it changes from week to week. First semester I am taking Foundations of Nursing, Pharmacology, and Math for Clinical calculations. The math is the only consistent class, every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-2:15. Classes are every day for most of the semester, though there are clinicals from mid-September until mid-October. Those are every Monday and Friday from 6am to 2:30pm. Most days will start at 8am, some at 9am, and usually going until 2 or 3pm. A few days that end at noon though. But there are some later days as well. You will have lecture classes, skills labs, open labs (not sure if they are mandatory or optional, but either way probably best to go), times set up for tests and test reviews. There are also Student Nursing Association meetings every Tuesday from 12 to 1pm. It's really confusing at not at all like a regular college schedule. You should check out the FRCC nursing site and look at the samples. The first one is pretty similar to mine. Though that is only one month, and like I said, it changes a little every week.

Did you have a specific campus in mind? I got accepted into the Westminster campus and will start this January. I already have my schedule for the first semester and classes are identical to what Cnala posted. Although my schedule seems pretty consistent. I will pretty much be on campus all day Monday and Thursdays, anywhere from 8 am to about 4:30 pm. Tuesdays I will be there for a few hours, depending on what lab group I get assigned to (there is AM and PM). Wednesdays are clinicals and they are scheduled from 6 am to 3 pm. Hope this helps!

Hi everyone!

I have been accepted to the Spring 2017 nursing program at FRCC's Larimer campus and I wanted to know what the experience of nursing students from that program has been. Do a lot of people fail? Is it unreasonably difficult?

Please let me know what the program is like. Thanks in advance!

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Hello! I am applying for Westministers nursing program this spring and was curious if the weekends we had off? Do you also have winter break and summer off? Last question was any of you able to work? Getting very nervous about the Hesi test!!! Any recommendations would help!!

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I am in 3rd semester right now. We have lost at least one person every class. Sometimes several. I won't lie, it's been difficult. You need to stay on top of your studying. If you are struggling, there are great tutors. And many of the instructors are very helpful. Do lots of practice questions. Many times it's not a problem understanding the material. It's more about learning how to critically think and how to answer nursing style questions.

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I am at Larimer Campus, but for the most part we have weekends off. The only time I had something school related on a Saturday was for my psych clinicals. And that was just one Saturday. We do have winter break. The school is closed for over a month. And almost 3 months for summer. Though many of us take an online BSN class.

Hi! I just applied to the FRCC program at Larimer Campus. I was wondering if you knew about what HESI scores you guys had in the program that got you accepted! Thank you!


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Hi all! I am applying to  the Larimer campus this September! I was wondering if it is possible to work a part time job during school? I am currently working full time at PVH and need to work so I can afford rent, food, etc.