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Front Range Community College

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I am considering attending FRCC in Fort Collins this fall. I'd like to hear from people who are currently attending or have attended in the past. Was it a good program? Do you recommend it? How were the professors?

I am drawn to the school because of the location, price, NCLEX pass rate, and because you get summers off (I've seen too many friends become burned out after the non stop schedule of the accelerated programs).

I'm concerned about the program because I've heard that the attrition rate is rather high. I would expect a few people to possibly drop out or fail, but it sounds like a large number of students tend to leave the program. Are the professors not very good? I've also heard that the class sizes are pretty big as well.

Any input you have as a current or former student would be great! Thanks!

nurse2033, MSN, RN

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I did my MSN Capstone course there, and found the school to be good. High attrition I would guess is related to the Community College issues of busy adults. What's more important than the school? YOU. The star student at a mediocre school will probably crush the last place student at a good school. Good luck.

hope3456, ASN, RN

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I graduated from F RCC 10 years ago but have since left CO. I doubt FRCC is any better or worse than any other community college ADN program. I passed the NCLEx with no problem but felt I did not get the best clinical experiences. I think the problem is they admit so many students and then they struggle to find instructors and placement for clinical rotations. Also they compete with the other several programs in the region. But again, this is not unique to FRCC. Nursing school is difficult, stressful and time consuming and yes, a lot of people dropped out or did not pass. You have to be prepared to live and breathe nursing school for 2 years.

A friend of mine who graduated from there about 4 years ago told me several of her classmates had to leave the area/state to find acute care employment opportunities and she was lucky to find a private duty job in Fort Collins. I would be interested to know if this still the case.