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Catie Lynn

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I realize that this topic is dated from 2004 but now in 2012 I find myself in the same situation: confused as to whether I should continue my Masters in Social Work to eventually become a counselor of some kind or to switch altogether into the nursing field. When it comes to counseling I am leaning toward counseling in nutrition/health & wellness arena which has drawn me to the nursing field where I would learn much more about nutrition and the human body. Fellow social workers seem to not have an opinion where nurses tell me "GO NURSING"! Is anyone currently in my situation or have advice for someone like me? Sincerely, Catie Lynn.

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welcome to the cite, as i wish you the very best in your transition from social worker to rn at least you know whats in store (grin)... aloha~



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I am actually in the process of making the same decision..Social work (specifically animal assisted social work,which would require an MSW) or RN school..I would have to start from the very beginning with both since it's been so long since I've taken pre reqs, I fear I'll have to do them over..I currently work as an admin assistant for a non profit and am also an LMT. I have an appointment with an advisor at my local college, I'm hoping she can shed some light..

I have been a social worker for 8 years and looking for a career change. I have a bachelors in criminal justice but have been in social work my whole career. During the Pandemic, I saw the nursing shortage and the struggles my wife, who is an RN, went through due to lack of nurses and support. Then my mom was in the hospital for 6 months and almost died from COVID. Since then I have wanted to join the fight against viruses of all kind and help other in a different way. I am researching to see if I can do accelerated BSN since I already have bachelors. If you have come across any info or anything that would help me, let me know! Good luck with your venture!

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