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hello. i am an RN in the Phils and i came here in Canada to work as a nursing assistant. there are so many restrictions being a contract worker under a low skilled position so im planning to apply here in canada as an LPN. many are encouraging me to apply as RN instead, however, canada is very strict on international nurses. u have to undergo a assessment thru written exam, panel interviews, and return demonstrations before they will require you to take some courses. once u finished the course, that's the time u can take the RN exam...

it just occurred to me that LPN might be easier and more convinient for me. i was just hoping they will not require me to take some courses and allow me to take the exam directly. does anyone has an idea about this? thanks a lot..,

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A lot will depend on the province you apply to. What status do you have because if work permit then the issue is finding employer and getting another one as generally TWP is only for named employer if you are the main applicant

im in alberta with a work permit. the employer may allow me to study and challenge the LPN exam whenever possible..

if ever, will they still require me to take an assessment exam? or just by the credentials i have? taking a course is not a problem as long as it won't hurt me financially... :p

this is exactly what my friend did and she said that it is well recommended to go for the LPN first especially to those with no nursing experience in the Philippines. i think from what i understand, she took the challenge program and so far she has learned a lot from it.

thanks a lot... canada keeps changing its rules so i might as well go have my credentials assessed and take whatever i need to...

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