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Hi, any opinions may.... relocate to MD in a year or two and all of my friends work at hopkins, I have a family and would be interested in a great school district. The hospital Prince Georges seemed like an okay area.Any suggestions? Its Hard to research places online, would like a good neighborhood and good school would prefer a trauma hosp. , however would take med surg if the school and area were nice, if possible a travel time less than 30 minutes to work would be great any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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You have many options available to you. Let's imagine Baltimore city as the center of the clock face. Do you want to live at 12:00? or 3:00? or 6:00? or 9:00? you have options either way.

Any of those areas will allow you to get into the city for work relatively easily and you will have many urban hospitals to choose from. Also, any place on the clock also has local hospitals if you want more suburban.

Just FYI- if you are interested in a safe neighborhood and good school, PG county would NOT be the first place I would look. Try Balt. County, Anne Arundel or Howard County first. You also have some good choices on the north side of the beltway, I'm just not as familiar with that area.

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Yeah PG county is really bad. My husband was stationed at Andrews and we live in Gaithersburg so he commuted. PG county schools are some of the worst. I'm doing clinicals at Hopkins and I commute from Gaithersburg (Montgomery County). My preceptor commutes from Rockville so it seems to be pretty common.


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Depends on how much money you have and what you're willing to spend on cost of living. Howard county and Montgomery county are expensive but have good schools (in general). Baltimore and Anne Arundel are OK depending where you live. If you can swing it, there are many good private schools in the Baltimore area.

Btw, not trying to flame, but I had a really hard time understanding your post.

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