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I finally joined after reading a couple of threads. Its very comforting that this group exists for nurses to share stories, laugh..vent ..offer ideas and so many more things...

Ive been an ICU nurse for about two years , before that a CNA. I work in a city hospital and i think its time to leave. I love the ICU but i need a change. Im applying for several telemetry positions and i know most people do the opposite......people aim to go to the icu from the floor. I think i am burnt out though. I know that people will ask me why move from icu to telemetry but i dont even know what else to say besides "i need a change". Hopefully I will not regret this decision. What do i even say to my manager? Has anyone ever been through something similar.How do u reply to the questions or even in an interview????

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I don't think your manager will mind though because people change and leave all the time. That's the good thing about nursing, we can be flexible :)

By working in telemetry, you'll have more patients right? Maybe you can tell the manager that you want to have different challenges and provide care for patients with different illnesses and diseases.


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People switch from different specialties all the time.. I moved from ED to ICU. You are moving from a high acuity environment to a lesser one. That does not mean that telemetry does not have its challenges. I know of some nurses in the ICU that when they pulled to the telemetry floor..they struggle because they are used having only two patients. Like the first person stated..u just want to be faced with a different kind of challenge . Lots of nurses have swtiched from the ICU or ED to a different specialty on the site. Hopefully they will be able to provide u with more information. The very best.


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I got one better, I went from ICU to a home based Hospice job. I had to get away and the hours/pay was better. I stayed there for 1 year, regrouped, realized why I loved ICU and went back. Sometimes you just have to do something different to "rest" and then head back where you started. Or you may get to telemetry and love it. Telemetry is different, but it is a challenge. With less time to take care of more patients, it is a challenge. Good luck to you!


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I am 'justavolunteer' on a regular pt. unit. One big difference I have noticed when ICU nurses get pulled is that they are not used to greater distances. Must ICU's are arranged in a smaller area. The distance from one room to any other is not all that great. Nurses on a pt unit may have their assignment scattered all over the unit. Its a law of science that if a nurse is very involved with a pt. at one end of the unit, all of the IV pumps, call lights, etc. will immediately start up with her pts. at the other end of the unit.

Not trying to scare anybody, just my observations as a volunteer. Best wishes in your new job.

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Just say that you wanted to widen your horizons and were looking for a new challenge. :D


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I agree with the last post..widening ur horizons is a good way to put it.

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