From CNS to CM? other options?


Hello everyone!

I wanted to pick some brains out there on what options I may have to work in the case management field, as well as get some general opinions or suggestions overall.

A bit of background: I was a NICU nurse for a few years, and then finished my Masters and worked as a NICU and Pediatrics Clinical Nurse Specialist for a good 5 years. My kiddo was diagnosed with a disability and my world turned upside down. I ended up needing to leave my work and have been home with her and not working for a good 4 yrs or so.

I am at a point where I would like to go back to work, but would need to do so from home due to her therapies and schedule.

Does anyone or has anyone out there worked in case management from home and somehow make their own hours? Or anything like this?

I have seen quite a few job postings that are full time but wanted to see if I could find some real life experienced nurses out there, and maybe a CNS or two, who has delved into different roles (as many of us have) to give me any sort of suggestions on how to break into the field (or anything else you can think of for an ex-CNS) and if there are specific companies that do this part time perhaps?

Or if anyone has any other suggestions or things they have done having been a CNS that may be an option for me at this point in time?

I would love any and all suggestions!!

I am in CA if that helps ;)

Thank you in advance!

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Seems that might be a job. What about Home Care Agency CM?

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I am not a CNS, but worked as a case manager. The field of case management is broad and includes work from home positions. There is also a forum that may be better equip to answer your questions.


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I have a friend (an RN, but not a CNS) who works from home for an insurance company as a CM, but she has set hours. I have a second job working from home for an online university, though, with very flexible hours.