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Fresno State BSN Spring 2021 Cohort

jromeri jromeri (New) New Student

jromeri specializes in Business Professional --> Nurse.

Hi Everyone, 

Starting a thread for applicants to the Fresno State Spring 2021 cohort. I submitted my application last week and although waiting for an answer is all I'll be able to think about for the next 1.5-2 months, I'm excited and hopeful. Does anyone know what they specifically look for when deciding who will get in? 

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DancerRN specializes in Nursing.

Hello jromeri. They look at your GPA mostly. My friend and I asked during our orientation session for the pre-nursing program and they said that as long as your TEAS is 75% you are fine. I know some schools say the higher your TEAS score the better the chances but with Fresno States, that’s not the case. 


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