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fresher nursing student seeking job in uk

by deejyee deejyee (New) New

I am a fresher graduate nursing student from Dehradun, India and want to work in united kingdom as a nurse. What should I have to do first???

How can I apply to NCLEX, what are eligibility to apply, and what kind of preperation I need.????

please help

Silverdragon102, BSN

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NCLEX is for the UK. You need to check the new requirements that the NMC have fetched in for nurses who trained outside of the UK. You also need a minimum of 12 months full time work experience or part time equivalent


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You need to look at the requirements for registration at the NMC http://www.nmc-uk.org for international nurses, as silverdragon quite rightly says you will need to have worked as a registered nurse in your home country.

Also take a look at the UK visas and immigration requirements for admission into the UK