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My question is that should new RN graduates go straight into the Master's program or hold of a year or so for further experience? I entered the nursing program straight from high school and my graduation from RN will soon come, I would like some advice on whether I should continue on and go for the Neonatal Nurse Practioner program or should I get some more skills. I was hoping that someone out there can help me make the decission that might change my life. Your words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I would also like some tips on how to prepare for the new GRE CAT. Thanks!

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Walk before you run. Build your confidence as a nurse before you take on more. However, alot of nursing schools will allow you to take classes for credit, meaning that you can take your core classes (research, stat, etc) while waiting to enter into your exact program. That way when you do go for your NP your load will be lighter. Best of luck!

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