Fresenius Outpatient Clinic Working Hours?

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Hi everyone. I had a question as to what Fresenius outpt. clinic working hours are. Do you start at 5am? What time are you usually done? How are weekends handled? I know it varies depending on how many shifts, pts, etc. I am looking into working at a small clinic in the Midwest if that makes a difference. Thanks for any replies!


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We have 2 shifts. We start putting pts on @ 5:45 AM & end @ 3:30 PM. If pts arrive late...too bad. They have to be off by 3:30. Our techs arrive between 5-5:15 AM and leave by 4PM or sooner depending on pt ratios.


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Help, I'm thinking of a career change, Dialysis nursing interest me but I don't have any experience. I interviewed for two

Dialysis jobs but a nurse with experience was hired. How do you get experience if you can't get hired ? Both of the positions were at Fresenius centers which had two shifts. I'm thinking of taking e-learning courses offered by this

company, do you experienced Dialysis nurses out there think this would be helpful? I would also like to ask what you like best about Dialysis Nursing? Any info will help. Thanks, a want-a-be Dialysis Nurse.

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My DaVita clinic started at 5:30 and ended about 3, six days. A lot of the 3 day clinics run 3 shifts. We're in North Florida.

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