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I am geriatric RN since 2018, I have recently graduated with my BSN and looking to venture into another specialty. I have applied to several hospitals but have heard nothing back. I know my geriatric experience isn't much for consideration for hospital jobs, but my interests are in the PACU or OR. I applied to Fresenius Medical Care for a dialysis nurse position and they want a phone interview. I have some interest in dialysis so it is something I am into. Question is should I take this interview since its the only job application that has gotten back to me or wait and hope I land a hospital job. And is the fact that the recruiter reached out to me within 2days of application a red flag?

If yes to go ahead with Fresenius phone interview,
Anyone works for Fresenius? What tips would you give for phone interview? and the next steps if that's successful? How much is starting pay for nurses without dialysis experience. I reside in the Boston, Ma area.

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I'm a clinic manager for Fresenius, worked as a clinic dialysis nurse prior. Interview, its the only way to know if it feels right. I love my job with Fresenius. But like any setting, management makes a big difference, so I can't speak for another clinic. 2 days isn't a red flag. 15 minutes would be a red flag

Pay will vary, by state, city, location, etc