Free tuition for nursing school?


I'm a senior in high school. I have a 3.5 GPA. I don't do any school activities. I have volunteered at the hospital for 50 hours, I started in January 2011. I live in Illinois. I want to get a BSN. How do I look for scholarships? Someone told me that if you agree to work in a state they will pay for all your school as long as you in that state for like 4 years or something. How do I pay for school? Please help, thank you! :)

I wouldn't mind moving, as long as I get to go to school for free! Otherwise I will probably be going to community college.

Oh yeah and I got a 22 on my ACT

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Look into:

National Guard




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I think the process above is pretty competitive w/ lots of applicants. Don't knock the comm. colleges either. They're soooo much less expensive & still give you a good start w/ ADN. Just check into their NCLEX pass rate to pick a good one. If you qualify for Pell grants, you may be able to use it to completely pay tuition in a comm. college but it won't be enough to cover a university program. Also, many of them offer local scholarships.


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Your GPA is good, you could probably go free to a community college with one of their scholarships.