any free sites to take NCLEX style practice tests?


Does anyone know of some websites that have NCLEx style exam questions that have different sections for different topics? Such as fluid & electrolytes, diabetes, HTN, skin integrity, etc. My school uses Mosby's Medical Surgical Nursing and the study guide is nothing like our exams. It has fill in the blanks, crossword puzzles, matching, and multiple choice. We used the Lippincott Fundamentals of nursing book earlier in the semester and the study guide, cd, and web site had such great NCLEX style questions that really helped me prepare for the exams. I bought a few NCLEX review books but they are not really sectioned out and cover so much more than I have learned in my single semester of nursing school, so I don't think I am going over things that will be on the exam. If anyone can recommend any sites that have multiple choice review questions please let me know!

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I just wanted to add... if you don't have a Saunders NCLEX book that is the one I would get......If you will do the questions in the book & on the cd and understand the should be good to go! Good Luck

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