FREE CNA Training in Syracuse/Rochester, NY


Hello live in Rochester,NY in the summer and go to Syracuse University and am wondering if anyone knows of free or cheap CNA training in either of these areas. Thanks so much :)


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hi dixie,

i sent you a private message. if anyone else has questions about this, please send me a private message and i will happily let you know what i know.

good luck in all that you do!



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hello i live in elmira and i am plaining on moving to rochester in june08 and i was wondering if there are any cna training classes for free or cheap.


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I am also interested in knowing how to get training for CNA certification in Rochester, NY..



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i only have information for the syracuse area, not rochester. i have no idea about cna training in rochester.


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due to personal reasons, i will no longer be receiving or replying to any private messages.


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i forgot to post the information for those that need it. i only have info on training in syracuse, ny. here it is! :nuke:

there is free training at james square health and rehabilitation. they hire new people for training quite frequently. it is six weeks of unpaid training. once you are hired they give you a $1000.00 bonus over the course of 6 months. they are always looking for people. they will also hire you as an 'environmental unit aide' over the summer. great for nursing students in the area.

here is their website:


st. camillus health and rehabilitation also offers a cna training program. i am not sure how long it lasts but it is paid training.

here is their website:


ocm boces also has a medical assistant program. it is not free but financial aide is available and i am sure it wont be super expensive.

here is their website:


i recently found about this place called birchwood. never heard about it before my class. towards the bottom there is a little blurb about cna training classes. their contact info is a little hard to find so here it is:

birchwood health care center

4800 bear road

liverpool, ny 13088

phone: 315.457.9946

here is their website:

best of luck to you all! :redpinkhe take care,



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could you send me any information about CNA training in Syracuse? i've been having a hard time finding any information.



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for Button2006 : can you send me that information. i know about the one at unity but none of the offered times work for me right now. i am free from July 9th until the beginning of the semester at SUNY Brockport in the fall, thanks !


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HI Button 2006,

I know it has been a long time sense this post, but do you know any CNA training that is free or cheap in syracuse?




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button if you know of any cna please let us know thank you


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I just took training in Syracuse at Iroquois Nursing home but they aren't doing any more for a while... James Square Nursing home is having one soon I am not sure when exactly but its on their website it should have it on there. Its a free training :) I live about 40 miles outside of Syrause. and work in Jamesville at Iroquois... It was on their website, I don't know what the cutoff was date wise but I know they do a few a year anyways... You can always call!?

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