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Free CNA Programs


I am currently working in the greater baltimore area and just started to pursue my degree in nursing. I am now a medical secretary w/two small children and I don't make crap. I feel like it is going to take 4-ever for me to get through school, but I need to make more money in the mean time. I was trying to find a free cna program since I am already paying 4 school out of my own pocket! Please give suggestions :confused::sniff:

I don't know about free...but most places you can find a nursing home to work for and they will pay for your CNA training as long as you work for them when you are done. At least it's that way around here.

I live in a small town in Southern IL and I'm actually going in this week to fill out paperwork to try to get into a CNA class in my county. The secretary told me that as long as I make a certain amount of money or less I can get into the program for free, I'm assuming financial aid or the state will pay. It's a 12 week program (6 weeks class, 6 weeks clinical) and it's Mon-Fri 8:30am - 3:30pm. It's going to be pretty intense, but worth it! I was taking a CNA class at my local community college earlier this year, but I was having to pay out of pocket and I couldn't afford it so I had to drop out :(.

Anyway I found it by doing a google search for nurse aid classes + my zip code. It doesn't hurt to try and you never know what you may find.

I live in Central Illinois and they offer free cna classes at an Adult Education Cener. There are very few. You just have to research. Good luck ;)


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Try your local nursing homes. Nursing homes often offer free CNA classes because they are often short handed. But they may make you work for them when you complete the course so just make sure you go somewhere where you think you would enjoy at.

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