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I'm starting in the Oct 2014 class, so far I am Realy impressed with the school. Some of the reviews I have read talk about how hard it is, but I figured that being a 15 month program for my RN. They have some of the highest tech equipment I have ever seen. I am excited, So has anyone here seen or been through the program? Whats your thoughts on it?


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hey! I'm starting this month as well! I'm really excited/nervous. I've read comments from other Fortis schools about the program and they have not been that great, but every school is different so I was also looking for someone going through the program/gone through it to give me their opinion. Hopefully it will be a positive experience. :)


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I am looking into Fortis and saw this thread. How is it going for you guys so far?


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I am a current student for Fortis institute in psl fla. In a word the school is horrible. They have been extremly unorganized, constantly losing important documentation, can' t get the students through the program successfully let alone help them pass the nclex. The RN program started there in Oct of 2012, I expected some issues but nothing like this! Colleges like Fortis is called A for profit school, which is exactly the types of schools the gov is trying to get rid if because they are scams and the only one profiting is the investors. You Cannot xfer your credits so once you start you are stuck an all you can do at that point is hope and pray you dont fall into the large number of those who have been scamed. Please do your research on your own about the % of people who pass their nclex and the % of the people who actually have been successful from that school. Also google the fortis in tampa fl that shut down due to the school not being able to provide the students with clinical sites. I have had that problem at the one I was at also, no hospitals wanted to work with us and no other schools respected us so our credits would not xfer.

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Greenteam,can you please tell me if u graduated yet from fortis institute in psl? How much is the total $ if you have all you prerequisite?