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Hi everyone!

I am currently attending Forsyth Tech in Winston-Salem, NC. I was wondering if there is anyone who just started in the Fall that can tell me what their rank was when they got in. I know i'm not going to get in for Spring 2010 (my rank will only be 119), but if my grades stay where they are I will have 152 after this i'm hoping for Fall 2010. I may take the Teas again also, and try to raise my score a few more points. I'd really appreciate some folks telling me what their ranks were when they got accepted, (or didn't get accepted!). It will give me an idea about what I should do and whether or not I should retake the one or two classes that I got B's in, and get A's!




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I entered the nursing program in the fall and I believe we had to have 144 points. I hope this helps.



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You should definitely get in with 152 points. I had 143 and got in this fall.

Hi Julie lol!!



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What does Forysth require besides grades. How did you have 145pts. I thought u could only gt points on bio, Is there something im missing? please help.


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I got accepted for Fall 2010 and I had 159 points (more than necessary). Good luck!


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I was also accepted into the fall 2010 program, half of the points are from the teas score.

whatever your score on the teas this is recorded as points. you can study for the teas for free at this site has many different test guides and it is also free!


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I applied to the nursing program for the fall 2010 at forsyth tech but I have not got a letter yet .When did you all recieve your letters because the deadline was march 15 and they told me it would be a couple of week before I knew anything. How many points did you have ?


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Congratulations Billie!! I look forward to getting to know you :)

TMGordon.. I received my letter on March 17th. If I were you, i'd call to "confirm your spot" and see if you're on there. I personally couldn't wait. If you don't get in, don't sweat it.. some will not accept their enrollment and you may be bumped in.

If you haven't completed Anatomy you probably shouldn't waste your time applying. (That's what I was told). As I previously stated, I had 159 points..but usually 145-150 is the cut off.

Good luck!!


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does anyone know if a 70.6 will do on the teas for forsyth? and how well u have to do on the science part?


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Courtney - I replied to your post in the other thread :]

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