Former teachers: why change career to nursing?


Glory to Jesus - Also I have a question

First off, I would like to introduce myself. I'm a male in my early 20's in my JR year who is hoping to become a nurse! I recently turned in my application for the program last Thursday and I should hear in about a month or two. My eyes have been set on nursing since freshman year and hope to do pediatrics nursing. I have been lurking these forums for a little while now, and have been greatly blessed by the amount of information I've learned from reading many threads.

I am very confident in my entry to the program. I have a 3.69 GPA with a 99 percentile in the TEAS test, but I am most honestly not trying to boast, because this is not of my doing. This is where the glory goes to Jesus. I could not have done this without Him, for sure. Quick story: My TEAS test was scheduled for early January, but rewind a month. I am trying to decide if I should go on a mission trip to the middle east for half a month, and I was contemplating this because I knew my TEAS was coming up and I hadn't studied at all! I knew I wouldn't have time to study there, and by the time I get back, I would only have a week to study. Well, I took a step of faith in God and He provided. Although I studied for less than a week, I scored a 99 percentile. Haha, I'm not a 99 percentile type of guy.

But I am very excited to hear from my school and start the program!

Anyways, this is my question. I got to help out at a preschool and have fun with awesome 5 year olds! My love for children grew even more, and made me start deciding if I should become a preschool teacher. I've done so much and strained through so many science classes and I'm almost there in the nursing program, and now BOOM! Preschool teacher is another option that opens up. I understand pediatrics nursing also deals with children, and I'm sure many people go through this because they are around children. And who knows, pediatric nursing may be the perfect career for me. I've also researched about being a preschool teacher assistant.

My question is

1. Has anyone taught young children? Why did you switch over to nursing?

2. Is anyone doing both? Somehow.. haha

3. If you were a teacher, what did you like about teaching, and what did you dislike? Pros and cons

4. If you are a nurse, are you contemplating on switching careers to a teacher?

Thank you for reading!

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Hello! I enjoyed your post---I am actually in a VERY similar situation as you, except I've already been a nurse for years, and I started in pediatrics. I have also considered preschool teaching in the future! Oh, how awesome it would be to work with children who aren't sick, who I don't have to poke with needles, etc!!!

There are other things you could consider---

*Any chance you could work in a preschool while in nursing school and see if you like it? I've also volunteered at a shelter for children---maybe you could look into that?

* Becoming a school nurse once you get your RN....(I've heard *some* states require a BSN, and in other states, they hire LPNs). (although this may be older ages and you mentioned preschool specifically)

* You can also get training to be a "paraprofessional" in an elementary school; I don't think there is a degree required. (Again, not preschool age).

*If income isn't an issue for you, preschool teachers make probably a third (or less? ) than a nurse; however, you could move up to become a Master Teacher, or a Director of a preschool.

*Another career I know VERY little about is what is called a "Child Life Specialist"----I've seen that position advertised in Children's Hospitals.

Good Luck! :yes:


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Hi there!! My name is Brianne, I was a lot like you and going down either road is very difficult but completely worth it. I new I wanted to work with kids from the very beginning. It was between nursing and teaching. I chose nursing and did all the classes and then had the pleasure of also being able to work as a substitute teacher in an early development center with STARS curriculum. It was a very presitgious school and I was very blessed to get a chance to work on and off there for 2 years. It also strengthened by resume and gave me a very good understanding of what well children look like which makes it much easier to know what sick ones look like! It also expanded my knowledge and experience with child development and how to interact with kids of all ages.

The reason I stuck with nursing instead of switching over to teaching was first of all was because I felt that Jesus called me to it. Secondly, I like helping kids feel better, this was in the classroom of course too! I was drawn to the kids taht were sick, hurt themselves, were being picked on, home sick, whatever the case. And then there are the other things, I have found all my school teaching friends have had the hardest time getting a job (not that I didn't have a bit of difficulty). The pay is better, there is more room for change (school nurse, home health nurse, PICU, NICU, urgent care the list is a mile long) that will grow exponentially. I love science. I found teaching curriculum to be monotonous, and you still get to teach your parents and kids when nursing, thats half our job.

In general I just felt like nursing was what I was meant to do, but I totally had the same thoughts because working with kids is AWESOME! Sounds like you have strong faith, so trust in that and you will make the right decision, the world needs both nurses AND teachers that is for sure =)

God bless!


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I am a nursing student, and a pre-school teacher/ daycare asst. director. I have been working in pre-schools for about 6 years, and it is a wonderful job. Everyone thought I would end up getting my teachers certification, and at times I thought I would too. Children are a blessing to this world. I love their innocence and unharming nature, and I have learned a lot from my kiddos at work.

I have also always had a strong interst in nursing. My aunt is a nurse and she works in pysc. She has always told me I would end up in nursing. She said " I can just feel it, God put you here to be a nurse." So, I looked into programs around my town, and I went to work with my aunt and shadowed her, and I fell in love with nursing. I loved the craziness, the unperfectness, and the pressure that is put on nurses. Oddly, I found that nursing is alot like teaching preshoolers as well.

Although I love to teach, nursing is where I am supposed to be. I really hope to get into school nursing or peds, and one day I still plan to open my own daycare. I feel like I am young, and can do whatever I want to do, so I will just do it all. :)

My advice to you; Shadow a nurse, or several nurses. You will figure it out!

Good luck!


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Thank you for all your responses! It definitely helped me to know there are people in the same boat. @nervousnurse - Working at a preschool during nursing school sounds intimidatingly fun. Haha, I'm assuming they would need full time teachers and assistant teachers, and adding that on to nursing school sounds tough, but I would love to do that.


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@akang5 IMO, working as a teacher at a daycare is ideal for me while in nursing school. You can choose to work mornings or afternoons, and it's not a stressful long day at work on top of school. You also get weekends off for studying and free time. Most of my employers have been lenient about scheduling me around school too.