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Hi Ladies, I am approaching the start of my first semester and trying to figure out which format of notes you guys find more helpful out of The Cornell Note Taking System and Outlines.

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I like Cornell but I can only write on the right side of the page so it works for me. I outlined chapters outside of class


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Hi, Sincerity! Welcome back!

Will you be doing gen eds/pre-reqs this semester, or nursing school?


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I will be honest with you - I don't know anything about those systems of note taking, and I'll allow the experts to speak up with their thoughts.

I will say for your med/surg, and specialty classes, you may consider reorganizing tour notes after class to fit in the following format:






You'll come to know this list as "ADPIE". This is at the heart of the nursing progress, a concept you will be introduced to and continue to practice from day one. As you approach each body system's dysfunctions, you can take each one and break them down into ADPIE, and this will hopefully support your ability to think through exams.

Assessment - when you asses the patient with the specific disorder, what findings might present? What might you expect in their labs?

Diagnosis - a concept you will come to either love or hate - the nursing diagnosis. Unlike medical diagnosis, nursing diagnosis looks at the patient and says, "what does this patient need, that I am able to provide?" With that in mind, you will determine nursing diagnoses from NANDA (don't get overwhelmed - they'll go over that when you get there). You will prioritize them based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Planning - what interventions can you plan for this person to address the nursing diagnoses you have come up with? Think of the entire nursing scope of practice, and assume you have MD orders for absolutely anything that might be applicable.

Implementation - how and when are you going to do all you planned?

Evaluation - how will you know all of those interventions worked? How will you know they didn't?

This may sound like gibberish now, but just write it down, and it will make more sense when school has begun. If you can think through these concepts, I believe you will do just fine.

I hope that you are getting to relax and enjoy your summer! This first year will kick your butt, but you'll get through it. :) Good luck to you!