Forgot to sign Mar for a patient and state health saw....


Like the title says, I forgot to sign the Mar for a patient yesterday and was notified that state had caught it today. Any suggestions to what to do or how screwed I am

First time ever making a mistake like this but as state noticed I feel like I could get hit with a med error for each one


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Your supervisor will tell you what they expect from you.

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You might be able to sign it as a "late entry".


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You can sign it as late entry. Just be prepared to answer any questions.

When I was a LVN, I was taking care of a peds patient witha metabolic disorder. I have given a PRN medication and did not have time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. This was all witness by the state representative. My manager and I sat down with the state official and she mentioned the error. My manager tried to argue that I always re-eval (which I really do) and that the state official may have missed the time I rechecked. The state official looked at me and I knew I did not and admitted it. The state official thank me for my honesty and instead of having a fine, she did not site that incident on her report.

She remembered me through the years and was instrumental when I transitioned from LVN to RN.

So moral of the story is... be honest. We are not perfect and they do not expect us to.