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Hi there, I had been interested in being a SANE since I worked at a doctor's office. We have very specific protocol when addressing a patient who may have been involved in a violent incident. As... Read More

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    We have 5 SANE nurses at my hospital. We have a calendar that we sign up for the days that we want to take call. We generally take 24 hour shifts, but sometimes take 12 hour shifts. We get paid $3 an hour to be on call. Being on call means being able to arrive to the ED within one hour, no ETOH, etc.. When we do get called in, we get paid time and a half even if not over 40 hours. We sign up for shifts that we are not already working, because when it comes to doing a SANE case, they want that to be our only focus. So, we get called in from home, from the mall, kids sporting events, etc.. It seems I only get called at dinner time or when my husband and I finally get the kids in bed to start watching a movie! I'm glad that I do it though. It feels good to be able to help someone through a crisis like this, especially when I know how hard it is for them to come forward and admit that something like this happened to them.
    4yrs later... What additional education/training was required after you got your RN degree?