Duquesne MSN Forensics '14 Start?!

  1. Hey everyone!!

    I just received my acceptance letter to Duquesne University's MSN Forensic program! I was wondering if anyone else out there has applied and been accepted?
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  3. by   Comfort14
    Hello!! I'm a new grad nurse and I requested information for this program at this school. Is it too late to apply for 2014? how was the process? could you please share with me if it was hard to get in. Thanks
  4. by   csacree
    wow what would your job consist of sounds awesome forensic nursing?
  5. by   margaux_fbi
    Wow. I have been doing a lot of research and queries to get in a Forensic Nursing Program. The thing is I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines. And no institution here offers that program/course. My only option is online courses such as in Duquesne. Problem is mostly require being US RN. They couldn't tell if my degree here in the Philippines would be enough to get me qualified. They referred me to Credentials Evaluation Service Academic Report in CGFNS which is an additional cost.
  6. by   Comfort14
    I recently received my acceptance letter!! how is the program so far?
  7. by   Comfort14
    Hey how is the program so far