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I am a Norwegian Registered Nurse and im currently seeking RN licensure in the state of Georgia. Their Board of Nursing deemed my educational program deficient of hours in obstetrics. Therefore, im told to enroll in and pass a RN course (classroom and clinical components) in obstetrics.

Has anyone any suggestions of one or more facilities that offers such a course in obstetrics-one that actually is directed for foreign nurses with deficiency in obstetrics.

Anyone with the same experiences? If so, how did you go forth.

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I think you would have to take an entire nursing program to get that, as I don't think any school would let you in just to take that part of the program. I would try calling around to different schools and asking.


The same thing happened to me but it was for Pediatrics. One of the local colleges allowed me to enroll in the course as non credit. Due to a Hurricane I ended up dropping that. I called my school where I received nursing ed and we arranged an exam and clinical hrs. I flew home for 2 weeks to complete it. It was a little closer for me to go back as it was Canada.

Did you find any schools that would allow you to take classes that you needed ? I would love to hear more info please,

Thank you

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