Foreign-license nurse that want's to have CNA certification in New Jersey.


Hello, I'm a foreign license nurse and I want to be a CNA in the state of New Jersey. I am just confuse about the waiver request and way to process my application. Do they have a waiver form to filled out and submit to them. Are they accepting TOR directly from CGFNS not from the school? Your response will be a big help thank you!


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Any reason you aren't asking about taking the NCLEX and being a nurse in New Jersey....? Why CNA if you're a nurse?

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CNA is handled by the department of health not the board of nursing in NJ. You need to contact them directly.


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I'm currently applying for the NCLEX exam in New Jersey. I just need to pass my TOEFL exam now. And while waiting for the approval of NJBON for my att. I want to start my life here in NJ and work as a CNA for a while.


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Thanks! I already contacted them regarding this matter. And they told me just to submit first the info they are asking together with the transcript of records directly from my school. And then they will send me the next procedure.

Hi veeyah. I called the dept of health regarding the requirements for foreign nurses to become CNA. Had you happen to encounter the "LETTER" that they are asking? What is this letter for?

Also, may you please share the procedures you've done because Im so confused how to be a CNA here in NJ. please email me at Your reply will be a big help. Thanks.