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Hey guys. I need some help.

I'm a foreign grad who came from a college where our clinical cases rotate every week. For example week 1 will be DR, then week 2 will be Med Ward, week 3 Pedia, and so on.

I recently applied to take the NCLEX in Cali, and I got a letter from the BRN saying that, "some/or all of the clinical cases were not completed during the same semester as the corresponding theoretical instruction" and that "it does not meet California's requirements as set forth in CCR Section 1426(d)."

The letter says I am "required to complete additional course work, both theory and clinical practice to be done concurrently, in an accredited school of professional nursing in California."

So I wanna ask anyone for any advice. I've applied to another state (Vermont) with the IERF. Just in case they turn me down as well, and find that my course work and clinicals are also unacceptable, I was wondering if anyone could tell my any school where I would be able to complete my additional course work. I've already spoken to a few schools but they've all turned me down saying that the classes are so "impacted" that they can't let someone like me in.

Hope someone can help. I'd really appreciate it.

Do a search here, looks like there are very few colleges that have spots to complete the courses. Many are applying to take the lvn nclex.

Lanze, yes, not surprised at all by your letter of rejection from the CA BON, it's now old news that PH grads and nurses will not be able to work or practice in CA for some time to come. We're all dealing with decades old rules and regulations that's been established since 1987.

We just need to move on and CA is not the place to be. But I was surprised to hear the VT is now enforcing the concurrency rule!

I think partly this is also due to the high failure NCLEX failing rate of not only PH students and nurses, but for many other countries. There also seems to be more crackdown of our documentation from our schools as they are many submitting false paperwork from students never having been in PH, but said they were, some that purchased diplomas and BSN degrees off the streets in PH, etc.

Anyways, not to get off the subject, yes, the "impact" you refer to is if a CA college has an opening for a international student, you're competing for 1-2-3 maybe spots amongst the regularly enrolled CA student, that's the school's first priority and rightly so. You're also competing with students from China, India, Russia, UK, etc. My friend heard one school up north had up to 932 foreign students going after 1 spot. Due to budget cuts, there's no way to open up any more classes just for foreign student, it's not cost effective to teach one course and then they must also try to find a hospital willing to do the clinical part with.

You can try to contact this person and see if her services really does meet the CA BON concurrency requirements, there's been people mentioning her but no solid proof it meets the CA BON standards and she's not on the CA BON approved list. Others have mentioned it's several thousands of $$ to take it, but again no solid proof. I tried to contact her myself but she only wants to "talk", no e-mails to verify? Strange? I want written proof if she claims it meets CA BON's minimum. Maybe others can try to contact her.h

Lanze, don't forget just to save some future troubles. You can apply and try other states to get your RN license, but you will be unable to endorse it back into CA, as you must submit all your paperwork to CA BON and it will just be rejected again for the same exact reasons.

Everyone should find the state they want to work and practice in rather then asking where's the easiest, where's the fastest, who's the cheapest,etc. because in the end, you must still pass that state's requirements, so why waste precious time and money. You will end up at full circle from the start and getting nowhere. Just know that CA is not going to be happening for many many years to come.

Even if there's a "nursing shortage" to come, it will be filled quickly from all the local CA new grads, CA nurses that had to take jobs outside of CA because they couldn't find a CA work place, they will probably come back to CA or many out of state USRN's wanting to work in CA.

Wow thank you steppybay. That is some unfortunate news to hear. I might try your advice and contact that person. Hopefully though, she really could help me out.

I kind of regret going abroad to get my degree. Had I known I would be facing this kind of problem, I would have stayed here in the states.

Yes i understand. I've applied for VT a few weeks ago, but after hearing that they too have the same concurrency issues as CA, I may have to apply to other states, but we'll see. If i get another letter from them stating the same thing the CA BRN states, then i'll apply to other states. Thanks again!

Hi Lanze, yes, it's real sad and disappointing for sure! But you'll find in doing the research in reading the archives that the CHED, PRC and PNA all knew of this concurrency issues years ago but chose to ignore it and keep the courses the same as usual.

I read somewhere up to 33% of PH grads ends up going to CA or the state, so why didn't the various PH agencies change? That's the questions we need to ask them. Personally, I see it as being completely greedy on their part, finanically-wise to not change things and partly due to their big ego's (why should we meet CA BON minimum standards). Now in the end, it's coming to bite them from behind, not only due to the poor global economy and recession, they could have kept up the money machine of enrolling students, but now they see that the 33% or more are unable to advance the PH degree into a better working condition and jobs.

For many without SSN, they're looking into call center jobs in PH now. 4 years down the drain for most, some trying to get into states like NY or NH. God bless us all.

hi.. i would like to ask if your application to vermont was approved? i have just submitted mine last week and hoping it will be approved :(

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