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For Those Who Will Take Nclex...

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HI..i am not native english speaker, and because im moving to usa i had to take nclex test..anyway i wanted to share with all of u, how to pass nclex, because if i could pass it anyone can...

first study with saunders nclex rn review with cd..the best is to start 4 months before testing...go from subject to subject and make sure that u pass atleaet 90 correct questions before u move to the next subject..after u finish all..and u will need good one month to get over the book and quesitons, use another month just for exam tests..take atleast 200 questions daily and make sure u have over 80 correct answers before u can move do tests with all content ..also sometimes only analysis so on...

after u finish that for a month..buy kaplan book with an on cd and one in book test...the book will explain to u how to think and spot right quesitons..but this book alone is not enugh to pass u really need saunders review to get basic knowlege..anway when u fishishc kaplan book and those 2 test..still coninue practicing with saunders and do kaplan test for atleast once a week..when it comes 3 weeks before testing go to ncbs homepage and get 3 week access for questions cost around 40 dollars..get that and pracitce until your testing...if u do saunders alone i think it wont be enough..if u do kaplan alone it still wont be enough..so do step by step and make sure u study as much as u can..test is really tricky..and its not easy and it has to be trained..

i had 265 questions needed over 3 hours and i took one 10 min break...it was long and terrible but somehow i made it and i wish everyone to pass nclex...i believe really one book is not enough and better to study 3 books but best way is to start with saunders becuase its good basic

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