For those who passed

Nursing Students NCLEX


for thos who passed, I am glad to see some of you still come back here to support future nclex takers, we may not post as much as we used to but I will forever always be a big fan of this site. if it wasn't for this site, i would probably be lost.. God bless this support forum.

I agree with you, JENURSE03. This is a great site, and although I passed my boards last month, I like to come on the student and NCLEX section of the site to provide advice and support for students. I may not have much clinical RN experience, but I've gone through nursing school and passed my boards, so I may have something to share with those who are still going through it.

Some of the best nurses I've met love sharing their knowledge and supporting students and those new to the profession. This is such an important part of what we do in nurses. I took my community health class in England this past February, and the nurses I met were so willing to work with American students! They were telling me that educating students, either formally or informally, is considered a duty of nurses in their version of the Nurse Practice Act. And the nurses I worked with actually took this duty seriously! This probably inspired me to take this responsibility seriously myself. How often do we hear about how important mentoring is in the U.S.?

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