Following threads of students waiting to hear.


I'm not a nurse but love I love to follow the threads of students who have begun the journey towards acceptance into nursing school and then the posts within that thread by those who have gotten accepted and unfortunately those that have not. Some of these threads go for months from participant's initial application to NS until they get that long awaited call, email, or letter.

I just want all of you to know that although I am a spectator, I root for you, pray for you, jump and down with you and even are saddened by you depending on the outcome of your journey. is more than just a blogging site; it's a site that lets many of us into your lives in a small way and in a virtual way stand with you as you go through your journey.

Thank you Allnurses and thanks to those of you that post your threads and share your lives.



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Good luck!!

Good Luck?