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Follow up after job interview

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Dear Nurse Beth,

One week ago I had an interview with the DON for a per diem RN position at a local hospital. At the end of the interview the DON gave me her business card. I followed up with a thank you email. She notified me she was going to finish interviews in 3 days and would let me know by then. I didn’t hear back from her so I emailed her back showing her my continued interest and if she had any updates. She replied, “I have filled the position with a candidate with experience however I am trying to get another position approved. Please be patient with me as we go through this approval process”

Any advice on what to reply back. I really want this position . I recently landed a per diem position 3 days ago an outpatient center and will be getting the experience the other nurse had over me. Should I mention anything about it to the DON?

Dear Wants Position,

It sounds like you made a favorable impression on the DON, and you did well by following up with a thank you email after your interview, and a second email for an update.

By all means, politely stay on her radar. You could respond with something like "Thanks so much for your reply.  I would love to be considered once the position is approved. Currently I'm working at an outpatient center to gain experience."

Approval for a new position can take time and may not happen at all. Never take any of this process personally if it doesn't pan out.

My view on strategies to land a job include staying in touch and letting them know of your continued interest, because you have nothing to lose. 

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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