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Hello all!! I am an active RN, BSN looking to start my MSN-FNP. Ultimately, my goal is to become a WHNP, but for now, I want to focus on the FNP. Does anyone know how to go about becoming a WHNP after already having an FNP? Are there certifications or classes I'll need to take? Is it an entirely new MSN program? Thanks for your help!

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You'd have to do a Post-Master's I believe, although I'm not sure how many more semesters that would be. And then you'd have to take the certification exam also, just like you would for the FNP.

You raised an interesting question. I'm a working FNP and a online DNP student and thought the same thing about being certified in woman's health as I desire to work in a rural area most likely on a reservation and having the skill set would enable me to expand my practice.

I found this on the UCSF website 'School of Nursing University California San Francisco'


The Nurse-Midwifery/WHNP specialty area also offers a two-year post-master's certificate program to registered nurses who are already prepared at the Master of Science level and seeking to become a CNM/WHNP.

It's a two year program, I found no shortcuts on the different sites I looked up. The curriculum is intense and requires another thousand hours of clinicals.


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But FNP we do women's health, we do the prenatal the postpartum if you want to learn putting in IUDs you can do that so I'm not sure family nurse petitioners need to do women's health as post masters, I think we got it covered.

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It is my understanding that you can do women's health but I think this person is interested in midwifery. As an FNP, you can do pre, and post, but not labor/intrapartum. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I would not want to be delivering babies with just an FNP behind my name.......


Has 39 years experience. Specializes in ER/Tele, Med-Surg, Faculty, Urgent Care.

And her first post she says her ultimate goal is to be a WHNP. Then she starts talking about CNM. Of course family nurse practitioners don't deliver babies.


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