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Right now I'm considering doing the direct entry nursing FNP program at Simmons College in Boston. I'm curious to know how much I could expect to earn per hour or yearly fresh out of nurse practitioner school. I know it depends on where you work but before I make the decision to commit to 3 years of full time school I want to have a clear idea of what the payoff will be. Does anyone have any information?

You need to search online and read about the career before you commit to it. If you haven't come across the average salary at this point, clearly you haven't done much research. Maybe start with that before figuring out what your "payoff" will be?


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Salaries range from 75k-120k roughly. Some specialities pay more than others. This is hard to answer. It's like asking what a MD makes…while the anesthesiologist may take home $350,000, the primary care MD may brings home $150,000.

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The salary range is wide based on location and specialty you choose. Some NPs are more entrepreneurial than others, so some choose to start their own practice (business) or work in ways that have higher risks but higher rewards, while others prefer to work in more structured, salaried environments where they focus on their patients and spend less time (hopefully) worrying about the profits and the business aspects of the practice.

There are published salary surveys, which I believe breakdown salaries by specialties, by geographical location, and other factors.

Does any one know if rural NP's make more than their urban counterparts

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