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Out of curiosity, I was wondering where everyone acquires updated, clinical and/or political information for Family Nurse Practitioners. Is there is a specific "app" or Journal subscription you have found consistently reliable? It seems like guidelines, clinical/political regulations, and scopes of practice change on a daily basis, and I would like a reliable source(s) to refer to so that I can stay consistently updated.



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If you join both your state NP association and the AANP as a student member this will cover much of the policy changes and recent research.


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I use a few apps to keep up with recent news and articles. The apps I generally use are Clinical Advisor, The NP Journal, and Consultant. None of them are "game changers" by updating guidelines and whatnot, but they present good information which may help with diagnoses or new types of treatment options, etc.

I'm not sure about your focus area, but the AHRQ ePSS app is also pretty solid if you are wondering about recommended screenings, etc. It allows you to plug in patient age, gender, and a few other data points and then it generates what is recommended in various categories.

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