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FNP to PSYCH NP programs


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I need help with a personal dilemma in continued education. I've been a RN for now 12 years and recently decided to get back to grad school for an NP degree. I applied for the BSN-NP program at 3 different colleges and was accepted in one that happened to be a FNP. The other two had Psych -which is what I was aiming at-, but the deadlines were off. I started the FNP program about 8 months ago and part of me want to stay and finish this, or branch out for the psych NP program.

Has anyone of you gone through this process? How was the transition? At what point did you transition from FNP to PSYCH NP? The Programs I applied to told me all MSN classes were transferable. Any advice on what to do? I do have 10 solid years of acute Psychiatry, addiction, and Forensics experience. I have previously worked in Med-Surg and LTC as well.

Grateful to have this plateform to discuss such issues. Any suggestions are welcome!

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I would probably stay with where you are unless everything will transfer. A post master's in psych should be relatively easy later. I did it the other way and did psych first. My FNP took just over a year.