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I am currently in an online FNP program. I have considered switching to PMHNP but can not decide what to do. I am okay with either and feel if I get burned out after several years of practice that I could always do a post masters certificate to obtain the other one. In the area that I live in the FNP salary is around $80,000 a year and the Psych salary is around $105,000 a year.

I currently work as an RN at an inpatient psychiatric setting so the disease processes and treatments are familiar to me. If anyone has any insight as to why they picked one over the other I would love to hear about it. Thanks.

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

For me PMH was a no brainer because it is my first love and I can see myself working out my career in psych. I picked up the FNP later for job security. There seems to be a glut of FNPs who see the money we are making and think they would be qualified to do psych. :( I'm normally not about encouraging the psych wanna-bes with no clue or experience but heck you have the background and as a specialty we can definitely use another competent provider who actually knows a thing or two about psych. Think about joining us!


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