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I just graduated with my FNP and passed the boards (yay!). Unfortunately, I can only work part time and realize as a new grad I need to be working full time and am at the bottom of the barrel. At any rate, I can't related to medical issues with one of my children. As I look for work, I am seeing numerous part time positions as a psych np. Would it be worthwhile to get back to school and get my post-masters psych certification? I really don't want to go back to school, but am looking to be able to work part time in the np role. I didn't go to school to continue to work as an rn (although I will if I have no choice). Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Why can't you work part time as an FNP?

I will say this, if you feel your options will be more open with psych, then by all means make that leap. But it's unfortunate that you wasted the time on an advance degree only to find you couldn't find a job in a location you were willing/able to live. Though I fear many new FNPs will or are finding similar circumstances. You need to do what works for you. But I wouldn't just throw out the fnp and move on until I've exhausted all of my resources.

Thank you for the responses.

I found a couple job postings for retail health, but besides that part time seems pretty limited. Update: I have a phone interview with a minute clinic so we shall see. I don't want to put aside my FNP but just thought a psych cert may be helpful.

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Hi Cindy-20

This is not meant to be a chastising 'you got be committed' speech. I get it. You want to work as an NP. FNP career opportunities are not presenting themselves and you're looking at options. I'd consider the same thing myself. I've met a few dual certified FNP/PMHNP's. Most of them were already practicing psychiatry and got certified when BON's got strict on FNP scope of practice.

Bear in mind, treating psychiatric illness is very emotionally draining and will burn you out in a few years if your heart is not into it (heck it's hard if heart is in it). I've seen it many times. They look like the living dead and loathe everything about the world. You don't want to be that person. Look before you leap. Shadow a few practicing PMHNP's first. See if it excites you or it's just meh.

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