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Flushing Accordion drain catheter

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Hello, my aunt just got home from the hospital from an appendectomy complication requiring drainage. I am a nurse working at a SNF. My aunt has been sent home with an accordion drain. The doctor ordered to "flush it 2-3 times a day" with what, he did not specify. I thought off hand that it would be with a sterile normal saline. I asked the nurse taking care of my aunt at the hospital, he said to use sterile water. So, I looked online for instructions and they all say sterile saline. What I am wondering then is if using sterile water would be harmful or not. Also, unfortunately, her drain did not come with a stopcock. It's my first time flushing it so after I disconnect then flush, do I reattach the catheter to the port then compress the accordion part or do I have to press the accordion first and then reattach the catheter? I am thinking of a JP drain/hemovac, those have to be compressed first before closing the port. Also, since there is no stopcock, does this have to be a sterile procedure? Or using clean aseptic technique is okay? The nurse showed me how he does it using clean technique but I want to be absolutely sure that I'm not introducing any bacteria to the drainage system. I don't want my aunt coming back to the hospital for a 3rd time. Thank you in advance for the time and for replying!!


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It is probably in your best interests to call the MD's office with your concerns and if they are closed for the weekend then instead call the hospital's patient advisory nurse. I don't think anyone can truly answer you here on this website as it most likely is against the TOS.

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AJJKRN is correct; per the Terms of Service, no one may give any medical advice.

Agree, too, to either contacting the hospital or the doctor's office for further clarification or for supplies or a list of supplies.

We wish your aunt rapid healing.

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