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Fluid Balance Charts

by tipperary tipperary (New) New

Hi, My name is Fiona. Im a 4th yr general nurse in waterford and im doing my research proposal at the moment, hoping some of you can help me!

Im trying to source a fluid balance/input-output chart that has the measurements on it for the amount of fluid in a cup/beaker/glass etc to help the nurse determine how much the patient has drank! or any kind of tool to aid accurate oral fluid intake documentation. tried a few hospitals and so far have been unsuccessful!

Do any of you have this in the hospital you work in? any help would be greatly appreciated!

thanks, Fiona :)


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We have A4-sized laminated posters at every nurses station with photos of each kind of container (icecream tub, soup bowl, coffee mug, different kinds of glasses, disposable cups etc) and their measurements. It does make completing FBC's easier, more consistent and more accurate :)

Thanks so much Talaxandra. Can i ask what hospital you work in? I have tried all major hospitals in Ireland, ive only come across one that has the measurements, and these are written in small writing on the fluid balance charts. Didnt find anywhere in the UK or America! but then again, i have only contacted a few international hospitals. Is there any way you could take a picture of the chart or your phone or something and email it to me? if not, thats ok. I can just say that i found one in your hospital but wasn't able to get a copy..it still looks good!

thanks again, Fiona :)


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Hi Fiona,

I'm on leave at the moment but I'll see if I can get one of my friends there to either photocopy one of the cahrts or maybe bring one to me - I'll take a photo and send it to your email as an attachment to you if you like (I don't need your email address, I can just click on 'the send email' button on your profile). I don't want to post my hospital on the thread but I'll include it in the email if that's something you need :) When do you have to have it by?

Hi Talexandra,

yea, that would be great. I can send you my address if it would be easier for you to post? My thesis is due by the 4th of may..not a lot of time, so if you cant get one, dont worry about it, no pressure!! I have the thesis itself done, just workin on sourcing charts! if you could please email me what hospital you work in, that would be great, Thanks so much, its really helpful! :)