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I'm finishing up the online training modules to work flu shot clinics soon.

The injections are the easy part, but the paperwork seems completely confusing and am wondering if it's easier in person than it appears?

Anyone done this, and what has your experience been? I'm afraid of messing up the paperwork, especially the payment/insurance parts. There seem to be a lot of steps and contingencies.



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I've done one flu shot clinic (back during the H1N1 scare when everyone wanted one), and I can tell you its not nearly as overwhelming when you are actually doing it.

It may sound like a lot, but it all boils down to this:


Lot #

Exp Date

That's really it, outside of personal info from the recipients themselves. Believe me, you will have a lot to do and you will get a system down quickly. Most of the manufacturers make their batches with all the information available on a sticker, so you don't even really need to transcribe. If you do, usually the lot # and exp date is going to be the same for most if not all shots. Don't get lazy though, always check it!

Hope that helps

Addendum: The payment part is pretty easy too, although a bit more time consuming.

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We do not allow discussion of proprietary flu shot info. We strongly suggest that you directly with the company.


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