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I have a feeling I've just jumped on the apple cart myself. I had a headache all night last night with coughing. I am watching it closely and am only eating soup and drinking liquids. If my sputum turns rusty or greenish, I'll head to the ER then. I'm at higher risk for pneumonia and septicemia because I have COPD.

I have been able to control my health for the past 13 months. When I feel like I'm getting something, I immediately go to bed. I'm up now only because if I don't clean out my email box, I won't receive more messages.



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isn't it possible that a lot of the overreaction by the general public is due to the over publication by the mass media?? In my hospital, it got so bad that we had to close our M/S unit two weekends in a row due to no beds left. A lot of the patients keep talking about the news and what it has been saying. Here in NM, we've lost a 2yr old and a 9month old to the flu. Oh, and we just had our first confirmed case of RSV for the year! Let the fun begin... :o Oh well, That's all I've got...



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I don't think it's overreaction! St. Louis had over 75 cases of RSV by the 2nd week of November, and that was just at 1 of the many hospitals in our area. The dept. of health actually sent out a Respiratory Etiquette alert to all the hospitals, Dr's offices, hospitals and anyone else that takes care of patients, even schools. I've never seen them do that, in the 30 years I've been a nurse. I don't think they would do that on the basis of the media.


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i wear my mask the entire shift - man am i glad when that 12 hours ends....


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The flu has reached epidemic proportions in my area-southcentral PA. Our emergency room is overrun with patients with the flu. We have resorted to putting masks on every one that comes in with flu symptoms, and we have also been out of flu swabs numerous times.

There is no easy answer. We cant do a darn thing for them either. Our local pharmacies have a 5 day waiting list for Tamiflu and we all know that wont do them any good 5 days after they come down with symptoms.... our Peds unit is full and now we are holding peds patients in the ER....common denominator.... the flu.

We try to enforce to the patients that they need, rest, fluids and tylenol or advil but they think we have some wonder drug that will make them feel better...

our staff is running on empty. Many of us are doing long weeks of numerous 12 hour days and now the staff is getting sick.. Is it March yet???

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Yes, it's pretty much all over now. I have COPD, so when I get something like that, I begin going into respiratory failure, which happened to me a couple weeks ago.

It began when the Xray tech attempted to have me get back on the stretcher by pulling it close to me, and I laying down. I was given three hours of continuous albuterol treatments via a full face mask, and then was hospitalized. The albuterol treatment did control my breathing, but nothing else. A few days later, all people who entered my room had face masks on (I jokingly say they're yamulkas covering their mouths and noses). I was in quarantine.

My doctor told me there was nothing more they could do for me, and asked me if I wanted to go home. I jumped at the invitation, and was able to spend Christmas at home instead of in the hospital.


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