Flu control leads to plague

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June 19th, 2009, 04:15 PM

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icon1.gif Re: Illness in Libya (poss. plague) & Ministry of Health in Egypt is Preparing Procedures

Swine were used for garbage removal in Egypt. When you get rid of the pigs you have a bloom in the population of other vermin. Rats are a prime example of opportunistic feeders of garbage. Once the swine were removed from the systemic removal of garbage something had to come in to take their place. This was a no win situation for Egypt. As swine are believed to be a perfect mixing vessel for H5N1 and H1N1 in a country with endemic H5N1 the government felt they had no choice except removing the pigs. Now we have another mammal transmitting disease. I hope they can control the rats on the border with Libya as introducing them to the rat population in Cairo would be disastrous.



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How freaky is that?

Talk about out of the fire and into the frying pan?

I am in the process of reading this thread. I'm not done yet, but holy smokes...

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Wow. Kneejerk panic to kill those pigs turns out to again have not been such a great idea...


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The rest of the above thread talks about rat, mouse, and snake infestations. Shiver me timbers!!!

Along with H5N1 (avian) and H1N1 (swine) influenzas.

What a mess.

The pneumonic form of the plague resembles the flu but the pneumonic plague kills faster (with 24 hours).

I have been facinated by the plague since I was a kid. Mostly because I didn't think I would ever hear about it occuring in my lifetime. This is just beyond surreal.

Indigo Girl, what is your take on this?

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Sorry, morning-glory, I have not paid much attention to that story. Just got done with my three, back to back, 7P to 7a shifts so I am not exactly very awake yet, and probably will have to crash again soon despite sleeping all day. So much for my first day off. I lose it by making up for lost sleep...

I did have a look over at flutrackers. It's a very long and complicated thread what with all of those Egyptian translations! It was a difficult read for someone as tired as I am right now.

It is obvious that Egypt has a lot on its plate right now, what with endemic bird flu as well as the cases of the swine flu, and now this other disease. It does not seem clear about what that disease is, exactly. Probably plague, but I honestly could not tell from skimming it quickly if that is indeed what the real diagnosis was.

I am sure that we will hear more about it as more info becomes available. Bless those patient souls at flutrackers that sift thru all of those translations. I know that I would never have the patience to be any good at that.


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In the past, I have trolled through the WHO site looking at the info on outbreaks of the plague and other wierd diseases, but I haven't in the past couple of years. It is just so bizzare that all of this stuff would pop up in the same place. But I guess that it would be like having diabetes makes you more prone to kidney failure, blindness, etc...

You get a couple of million people all squeezed into the same place and you disrupt the system, whether it be planned or not and you get chaos. Can you imagine cobras in downtown USA? I've never even seen a wild rat.

Canada has even less creapy critters than the states. Saw a flying roach in San Francisco, I almost passed out.:sofahider

I'll have to go looking for more info. Hopefully the discussion forum on flutrackers will provide a more clear picture of what is going on over there.

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