flow sheet for eclampsia and pre ecampsia?

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Hi Guys,

I discovered yesterday that in my new job I will have a lot of Eclamptic patients in the ICU, in Africa. I'm not sure they will have flow sheets to use for the patients, as I want to improve patient care (the reason they are sending me there) it seems a flow sheet would be good. Anyone who is willing to send me one or a care plan either by email or snail mail please email me at [email protected]

I'll adjust some of the parameters to be sure, but right now, I am not an OB nurse, so I have no idea exactly what should be checked when...

Thanks!!!! :)


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Oops I guess I should add that I will have somewhat intermitent access to email after today. I hope someone can help me out... I'll reward you in some way!!! (souvineer, photos of your flow sheet in action, etc)


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I can send you what we use for a careplan and the items we track on flow sheets, if that would help?


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Katie, when do you go to Africa? Will you have regular email access where you'll be? If you are able, check in and tell us your stories!!

I had to do a little presentation on PIH/preeclampsia/eclampsia for my OB rotation & there was a lot of interesting info on the Preeclampsia Foundation webpage. I don't know if maybe someone there or someone at the 'N.American Society for the Study of HTN in Pregnancy' could give you some good materials to use:



Don't know if you can use any of these things I found online:



PIH/preeclampsia flow sheet:


Aggressive Management of Hellp Syndrome and Eclampsia (AACN)


Managing Complications in Pregnancy and Childbirth .pdf (WHO; the eclampsia part is a little more than a third of the way down the pdf, the numbering is funny but it's page s-35):


Or here for html version:


WHO reproductive health page:


AWHONN Templates for Protocols and Procedures for Maternity Services (ordering info at the bottom of the page):


Detecting pre-eclampsia: a practical guide (WHO):


OB flow sheet:


antepartum record:


cardiac/HTN/diabetes intake form:


AMA measurement sets for selected conditions c plan of care:


OB assessment database:


Care plan info for preeclampsia/ excess fluid volume:


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