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Florida Testing Centers

by msoks13 msoks13 (New) New Nurse Student

Hi all! I am waiting on getting my ATT from Illinois to sign up for the NCLEX but I will be testing in Florida. Does anyone know how long the wait times have been in Florida to sign up for a test? There are not a ton of testing centers in my area so I was just hoping someone with an ATT could give me some insight on what dates & locations have availability. Hoping to have my ATT within the next week or so! Good luck to all!

jnikjoseph, ADN, RN

Specializes in New Grad RN. Has 1 years experience.

So when I got my ATT at the end of May, there were no dates really available for months. But how I and a bunch of people from my program got lucky, is we kept checking for available dates and were able to pick up an appointment that I assume someone dropped. That being said, I would say to be prepared to take the NCLEX now because you could easily get a date within a few days. (I was online looking on a Friday and was able to get a date for the coming Monday)

cyram81RN, ADN, BSN

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Keep checking for open dates because people will reschedule test dates non stop. One of my mentees were able to get a date in July when the only date she found was in october.