what is this IPN?

  1. Hi! Just joined! Can anyone give me any info about IPN? I moved to FL from MA but need an IPN eval. I have my license but have a mark on it from 2002. Is going for an eval a sure thing that I will be marked when I go out for interviews? I'm told I see a MD and have a computerized personality test. What little I've read-looks like I should just change my profession. Any feedback? Thanks!:uhoh21:
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  3. by   Tweety
    "Intervention Project For Nurses" they monitor "impaired" nurses. Just because you have to have an evaluation does not mean you will be monitored. But if you want to work as a nurse, you have to play their game and do what they say. Good luck. They have a website if you google it.
  4. by   ex1140
    Wow... thats new to me never heard of IPN. Based upon the info posted by Tweety it sounds like a private matter.
  5. by   jbtampa
    You do not fool around with IPN. For impaired health professionals they are a God-send. Even pharmacists regain careers. We have an excellent facility in Tampa that specializes in addicted health care professionals and lawyers. Healthcare Connection. A nurse or physician in treatment there will receive superb care--and return to work. The medical director there has personal experience in addiction and treatment at his facility is a gift of a lifetime.
  6. by   cooblu
    woow me too,i guess i'm teetering on the edge.didn't know "big brother" had his hooks in so deep. hey i'm good
  7. by   justryin
    good luck! I'm waiting on the outcome of eval. Wasn't as bad as I thought-I hope.
  8. by   RNmiami
    Hello, I have just been evaluated in Tampa, the MD said no diagnosis will be made as he is sure I don't have an addiction problem. He however recommended 6 hours of chemical dependance class. Has anyone been in this situation? I have been offered the job of my dreams and I'm afraid I will loose this opportunity because of this. Any input about the monitoring under these circumstances? thank you all in advance, your imput will be greatly appreciated.