What in the h*ll should I do!!!!!!

  1. Hello
    I'm new to this website and been just a lurker.
    In December, I will be graduating from my jr college and transferring to UCF.
    I will be graduating with an A.A. Degree and I need to know if that will at all help me get on the track of earning my BSN.
    I been looking all over online on a proper timeline of becoming a nurse but nothing had helped and everything just a mess!

    Please Help!!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I am certain that you had to take certain general education classes to earn your AA degree, so in terms of not having to repeat freshman English, you are good to go. What you need to do is to go to the website link for the nursing programs that interest you and read up on their requirements before applying to the nursing program. Most nursing schools require similar prerequisite courses such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, etc., but from program to program, there may be one or two differences. Decide where you will be applying and where you will apply first, second, third, etc., and complete any outlier prerequisite courses later, if that will help. Make an appointment to see the nursing program advisor. They will get you the information you need to get on track.
  4. by   Pardoner
    Get online and look at UCF's nursing program. Hopefully you took the nursing prerequisites as part of your AA which you need for their BSN program.

    If not, get working on them. You might as well stay where you are at until you get those classes done as they may be cheaper than at UCF.
  5. by   Apple-Core
    What's your AA in? Any AA will almost certainly have some classes you can transfer in to a BSN. However, every University and BSN will have different requirements, so the best thing is to contact the nursing dept directly at UCF.

    Generally you'll need an ASN (AA in nursing) to jump straight to a BSN. Contact the advisement at UCF.

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  6. by   Pardoner
    UCF has a Traditional BSN program that is for people without their RN license. It is 5 semesters non-stop.

    You must have an AA done along with the nursing prerequisites.

    It is a competitive program to get into. You will need a good GPA and TEAS score.
  7. by   Horizons
    Thank you for your responses, I contacted the nursing program and they didn't really care if I took the pre-reqs at my college or the university. Would it better my chances getting into their program if I took it at their university or mine?
  8. by   Pardoner
    Nope. You just need them done.

    Go online and look at their selection criteria. It is competitive to get into the program so take your courses where you will do well. Take your TEAS after you get a few of the courses under your belt.