What are fair requests with travel assignments

  1. I am interested in a hospital in the Sarasota area and I am wondering what are fair and effective methods of asking for what you want with your employment. From what I understand housing and cost of living are quite expensive in that area. Does any one know what type of bonuses/ assistance/ moving allowances are often offered .... and what is a good deal? Any negotiation advice would also be helpful. I am an ER nurse with 2 years of experience and a BscN.
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  3. by   cheat25
    I am new to the idea of travel nursing too ( in FL as well), so I am interested to see your feedback on this post. - Carol
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Are you talking about taking a travel assignment to Florida, taking a seasonal position in Florida, or taking a permanent position in Florida. These are very different things.

    Typical travel assignments have housing or a housing stipend already set up and the agency tells you up front, as they do with bonuses. There are no moving allowances as you are not "moving". While travelers with long track records and 5 years of experience, can frequently negotiate better deals, negotiation is limited. Especially Florida in Winter time.

    Seasonal positions are the same, only handles it through the hospital itself, instead of an agency. And again, there are (generally) no moving allowances as you are not "allowances".

    Taking a permanent position - you would ask human resources about applicable bonuses, moving allowances. Hospitals in the state of Florida are notoriously low paying - even in higher cost areas like Miami or Sarasota, the bonuses are fewer and farther between unless the facility is "desperate" in the off season - a facilty in which few want to work. My understanding is the main hospital in Sarasota is a nice place to work, therefore less desperate as far as year round needs. And while two years in ER is great, remember that many couples "retire" to Florida, meaning nurses w/5-10 years in a specialty frequently show up, working retirement or seasonally.

    If you are looking for a permanent position in Florida, they are literally hundreds of previous threads here on the topic.
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    Dear Caroladybelle,
    Thank you for your response, I appreciate your insight. I have talked with the hospital directely oppose to a travel nurse agency, I haven't been offered the position at this time since they are looking into my references. I know that they do hire travel and seasonal RN's. I would like to try one of these before I set my mind on a permanent position. Oppose to moving allowance, is there any help or compensation for flight or inital set up when there. Do you have any opinions on travel nursing vs seasonal positions? Thank you for your time. I appreciate your input.