Webster College?

  1. Has anyone heard anything about either the RN or LPN program at Webster College? They have 2 campuses, one in Ocala and one in Pasco. Im looking for the good, the bad, whatever you know. Thanks!!
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  3. by   msterri37
    I live in Ocala. I have heard they were very expensive. I also heard that you have had to go thru their medical assisting program first. Have you checked out CFCC?
  4. by   JeepDudeRN
    Hi Msterri-
    I WAS attending CFCC, until they changed the requirements to get into the program, which extended their waiting list until 2009. I am now in the R.N. program at Webster, and I am loving it. This is such an awesome school. I cant say enough good things about them. The instructors love their jobs, and love their students, and the students feel the same way. At CFCC I was just a number, but at Webster I am a person. I would reccommend Webster to anyone. You DO NOT have to take a medical assisting program before getting into the RN program. And unlike CFCC, they will incorporate the pre reqs into the program. I have a few to finish up, then I start clinicals in June. I can not wait. They are more expensive, but I whole heartedly think it is worth the price, especially with the wait list at CFCC being sooo long. They have a brand new state of the art Allied Health building as well. Its just awesoome. If you are thinking about going to nursing school,and you are in this area, I would defintely try to get into the program. Obviously it is very competitive, as most are. Thanks for replying back to me. ~
  5. by   WinksRN
    Quote from msterri37
    I live in Ocala. I have heard they were very expensive. I also heard that you have had to go thru their medical assisting program first. Have you checked out CFCC?

    That is such a rip off if you have to go through the medical assistant program first..thta has nothing to do with nursing. I was a deli clerk before I went to the LPN program and new nothing about assistants.
  6. by   JeepDudeRN
    Again, you DO NOT have to take a medical assistant course to get into the program. I AM in the RN program. I do not know where that rumour came from, but I can assure you, it is NOT true.
  7. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Cbresnahan I just want to wish you good luck! I Am from Summerfield Its good to know people from the same County!
    Wish you the best!
  8. by   msterri37
    Great! This is good to hear that you DO NOT have to go thru the MA program. I will give them a call soon. I am interested in the LPN to RN bridge program. Any info would be helpful.
  9. by   JeepDudeRN

    I have a class mate taking the LPN to RN track. He is having to take some pre reqs then he will move on to Nursing 3. I dont know too much about the LPN to RN, but they do have an info session coming up soon. Youre best bet would be to give them a call. Ask to speak to JC. She is the nursing advisor, and she is awesome. As far as I know, at leat right now, there is no waiting list, and they have all the financial aid you would need, including federal grants and such. Good luck to you!
  10. by   JeepDudeRN
    Bori BSNRN-

    Thanks so much! Are you working at one of the local hospitals now? If so, how are the working conditions, pay, patient ratio, ect?
  11. by   Sunbeam2
    Has ANYONE graduated + passed state boards (LPN or RN)from Rassmussen or Keiser?? I keep seeing info about people like myself who are concerned about the credentials of both of these schools since the BON continues to list them as "provisional" yet both have been around long enough to have earned Full Approval.
  12. by   JeepDudeRN
    Yes. Students have graduated and passed the boards...at least from the RN program in Ocala. I am graduating from the RN program next month. They are provisional until so many pass the boards. It is the same policy with every new program. The RN program jsut started in Jan 2007. Im not sure about the LPN program since that is at a different campus.
  13. by   BellaRosey
    Not sure if you would know, but was it easy for these grads to find jobs?
  14. by   JeepDudeRN
    Several are already working at area hospitals as RN's or GN's. I am already working at a local hospital, and will be employed there after licensure. Several in my class have been offered GN postions as well. Hope that helps.