University of Miami Hospital new graduate RN residency program

  1. Hello All,

    I graduated NUR school May this year and got my license July. Since I have been looking for jobs endlessly with no luck! Here in Miami it is awful for new RNs to get your foot in the door (being that hospitals require 1-2yrs of experience!)

    Until now I am getting calls for interviews!! Late Oct I got a call from my dream hospital to interview with them. I was so nervous for the interview. Once the day came to interview, I set aside all nervousness, went in and did my thing. I got the job! 3 weeks later the recruiter calls me with bad news saying the positions were cancelled!!!!! whhaaattt??? I couldn't believe it! That was very unprofessional from the hospital's part. I was sooooo depressed bc all my friends and family new I had FINALLY gotten a job. I was embarrassed but like my friend said to me "it is something out of my control."

    With my wounded heart I found the strength to start looking for other jobs (even though I knew there was nothing here in Miami, I still kept looking) and found a GN residency program at UM! I was excited!! I did my best to speak with recruiter. I wrote emails, called, and finally met her when I went to drop of required documents for this program. She told me they give priority to their scholars (I am not a UM scholar ) and that their program usually opens March and August and that it was weird administration opened a program for January. I automatically felt lucky.

    Anyways I got a call from UM asking if I wanted to interview and of course I said yes. And I interview next week. The lady told me she would send me an email with all the information I need to know in regards the interview. Once I opened the email information states to bring 10 COPIES OF MY COVER LETTER AND RESUME FOR PANEL MEMBERS ALL DIRECTORS OF NURSING!!!!!!!!! whhhaaattt????? a 10 panel interview???????????? I am extremely nervous!!!

    Has anyone applied to this program and got called for an interview?/ Has anyone heard of the interview process?

    I know that this program has hired new grads before. For those who got hired into UM this way what was your experience? what did they ask? was it really a 10 member panel??

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  3. by   iridium54

    I actually applied for the accelerated BSN program at UM. I was admitted and subsequently applied for a scholarship program in which you are then required to work for 3 years at the hospital. I was invited to interview.

    I interviewed with maybe 6 nurses? I don't remember if they were directors or what. Dude, I did not even know what the hell "telemetry" meant at that point...literally.

    Anyway, not to scare you, but it was intimidating. I don't remember any of them being particularly warm and friendly. And sadly, since it was a year and a half ago, I cannot remember much about the questions they asked. Surely they would be different than ones asked of someone who already went through nursing school.

    Be confident and be yourself. Practice, practice, prepare!

    I am actually considering applying for the March program. I live in NJ and was just offered a job up here but I'd kinda like to get down to Miami. Are you from there originally? I have heard the horror stories about finding jobs, hence I did not just up and move there. I could not apply for this cohort because I do not have my license.

    Also, does anyone know if you have to STAY on the unit you are hired on for three years? Or can you try to move to somewhere you have more interest in?
  4. by   iridium54
    I think they will definitely ask "why nursing?." You have to know why you want to do BEDSIDE nursing, too.
  5. by   iridium54
    OH, I forgot to add, even though I felt the women were intimidating and I did not do well, I got the scholarship! A sad state of events did not permit me from attending, though...
  6. by   bluemartian
    UM Hospital is very difficult to get into . I apply there every chance I get. Im even a UM alumni! I get a rejection letter everytime!
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  7. by   iridium54
    Oops, I mean I did NOT end up attending UM for nursing school and hence I'm not working at the hospital now even though I was awarded the scholarship.
  8. by   RN1988

    I am sorry to hear you were not able to attend the program. At least they did awarded you the scholarship, so it means they were not that bad/mean

    Thanks for you input, it was helpful
  9. by   RN1988

    Have you heard of those applicants accepted to the residency program in the hospital, how they are doing? how was the interview for the med-surg/tele floor? what did the panel ask?
  10. by   iridium54
    Would love to hear about any updates. Anyone interview? Anyone get offered a job?
  11. by   ashbash0920
    I applied, interviewed last Monday, and was told I would find out this past Monday/Tuesday via phone call or email. I have yet to hear back! Has this happened to anyone else?
  12. by   RN1988
    I interviewed last Tuesday and said the same to me. I have not heard from them either. Ashbash0920 was your interview quick? they only asked a couple of generic questions. I felt it was in and out. They were running behind so they were being quick with interviews.
  13. by   ashbash0920
    Yes mine was very quick too! I was asked about 3 questions. I went first, and mine had to have been under 15 minutes. It is comforting to know that you did not hear back yet either though! Positive thoughts
  14. by   bluemartian
    They pretty much know who they want. UM scholarship.