University of Miami Accelerated BSN May2009

  1. if anyone got into um nursing program post here. :redpinkhe introduce yourself!
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  3. by   ice2015
    I am in the program!!! Are you on the new student cane website? If so, we have been talking!!
  4. by   BH8844
    Are you Roanna? If so I am going to PM you my personal email bc I know we are going to be in contact often.
  5. by   ice2015
    yes, this is Roanna!! I sent you a message with my phone number.
  6. by   UMAshtangi
    Hey Everyone:

    I got in too! WOO HOO!! Do both of you live in the Miami area, or will you be moving here for school? I am from CA, but live in Miami now.
  7. by   ice2015
    congratulations. I live in West Palm Beach and will be commuting and getting an apartment to stay sometimes!!
  8. by   BH8844
    congrats! I live in Pembroke Pines right now, but I really want to be as close to Miami as I can. I do not want to travel an hour everyday to classes. How old are you? Are you living by yourself? I looked at the on campus living but I am not sure about it yet because I know I do not want to be living with young students who are in party mode. I bet you are as excited as both Rohanna and I are. Our journey is going to begin soon, I just can't wait!!
  9. by   geny
    Hi Guy, me too, few months more we will finish the school and become rn soon!!! Let's help each other and share things together.
    Can't wait to see you guy again!
  10. by   BH8844
    hi geny, You got into the accelerated program for may 2009? congrats. Yes, I think everyone is going to have to help each other out. Where are you planning on living? Whats your age/sex/previous major?
  11. by   UMAshtangi
    Hey All! I'm a 34 year old guy, and my previous degree is a B.M. in Opera/Voice. I taught private lessons full time from 2000-2005, and left it because I got recruited into management and corporate education. It's what I did while I was in college, and when I realized it was time for me to get out of the Opera business it was an easy choice. I'm going into nursing because I feel like there is something greater that I should be doing. I realize that perhaps sounds corny and narcissistic; however, I just think that I should be somehow trying to make our world a better place.

    How will everybody be affording to live? Will anybody be working part or full time jobs (I'm assuming with VERY flexible hours)?
  12. by   swimincatz
    Hey all! I'm in the program too! I can't wait I'm literally counting down until the program starts although I'm sure once we start we'll all be counting down the days until we're done. I'm from Maryland but graduated from Miami in December 07 with a BSN, Pre-physcial therapy. I've been doing pharmaceutical sales for the past year. I'm a 22 year old female, Christina!

    Living options... I moved into an apt in Kendall to get away from all the students wanting to party the commute is fine and it's near the metro (which you'll probably be taking if you have clinicals at Jackson Memorial) the place I live is called Nob Hill it's on Kendall Drive, and it's a cheaper option than living in Coral Gables.

    Living Expenses- Hmm that one is tricky, loans and possibly working part time with a few of my current clients.

    I can't wait to meet everyone!

    PS- Other than the acceptance letter has anyone received anymore documents from the NS?
  13. by   Benjie007
    Hi everyone. I, too, am starting at UM in May. And like AshtangiRN I am also from CA - specifically Los Angeles. I'm living in Brickell because it's close both to UM and Jackson Memorial Hospital (though I have no idea where our clinicals will be held). Since graduating from USC (U of Southern California) about 8 years ago, I worked in the film business in various capacities and also worked as a helicopter pilot for a few years. But I can't say I really have had a career in either field - just a series of jobs.

    At the risk of sounding like a cheesy DeVry commercial - I have to say nursing isn't just another job. It's a career. Nurses are in huge demand, have flexible schedules, can take lots of working vacations, can always find a new way to use their license, and can truly make a difference in people's lives. For more information send me $40,000 and call now!
  14. by   ice2015
    Congratulations on your acceptance. I am a fixed wing pilot with an ATP license. That was my undergraduate degree. I just did not love it enough to make a career out of it with no hopes of a future, (retirement, etc.)