1. I am looking for advice from anyone enrolled in UNF or JU's accelerated BSN program, or FCCJ's ADN program. I already have a Bachelor's degree from years ago so I was hoping to get into either UNF or JU's accelerated BSN program, but I would be equally happy with FCCJ since I realize how competetive each of these programs are.

    My biggest concern is the time commitment as I have two small children at home. I know it can be done, but I am very curious as to the typical (I know they change from semester to semester) schedule I might expect as a nursing student. I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone at any of the schools. I figured an actual student in these programs might be able to help me out. I'm just trying to get an idea of how much childcare I will need. I am planning to apply at JU & UNF for summer 2010, and for FCCJ's fall 2010 class if I don't get in to UNF or JU.

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me what their current schedule is? I just need some idea of what to expect.

    Thanks in advance! I'm so glad I found these forums! I've already found so much information just by searching old threads.

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  3. by   chicookie
    I went to FCCJ. It was hard but doable. It is very time consuming but only for 16 months. I loved the program, we had alot of clinical hours and it was really hands on. I really loved it because I was really comfortable when I started working on the floor.
  4. by   FLmomof5
    I am first term at FCCJ (also have another Bachelor's Degree). This is the heaviest term in the way of credits - 12. I take the nights and weekends courses. We have tests every monday at 6 pm. Sometimes more than one so you can be done as soon at 7 or as late as 8. T-W-TH is 6 - 9 PM. No class on Friday. Sat from 8 - 2ish for class but be there at 6:30 AM for clinicals (starting next week). I am not sure what the day student's schedule is.

    Although I have 5 natural kids and 4 stepchildren, I only have 1 16yo that I have to worry about so daycare is not an issue for me!

    Good luck in whatever decision you make!
  5. by   hjhd
    Thank you so much! That exact rundown of the schedule is exactly what I'm looking for. I realize it changes, but I can't get anyone from the schools to answer these questions! FLmom, do you know if there is ever a Sunday requirement for the n/w program? I wouldn't need childcare if I went at night!
  6. by   FLmomof5
    There is no Sunday requirement for first term. I hear that in later terms, we will have fewer weekday nights and SAT/SUN will be clinicals.

    Also, I didn't tell you that 2 of the classes are hybrids, so you only go to class W-TH every other week.

    Glad I could help!
  7. by   kodiakgirl
    Hi! I'm in my 3rd term, Peds. Two more classes to go! I also have two small kids, ages 3 and 2. I have found a great nanny that comes to my house to watch them. My schedule for this class is: Test every other Monday 1:45-2:45, Lecture Tuesday 8-12, Clinical Wednesday 7-7 (although most clinicals get out by 5 and mine probably will too). I stalked allnurses before school, trying to get a lead on the schedules so I understand where you're coming from. It's a lot of time in some ways, but not so much in others. After first term, it's just one long clinical day and then a couple hours here or there. Not too bad. Let us know what you decide. I like FCCJ - it's disorganized but you just have to go with the flow. Definitely the best value.
  8. by   hjhd
    Kodiakgirl- I need your nanny! I appreciate the reply. Its giving me a better idea. From what I've heard, UNF has a crazy schedule and requires additional community service. JU is so expensive. FCCJ is most likely where I will end up (provided I do well on the NAT and my remaining prereqs!)

    Thanks so much!
  9. by   HappyJaxRN
    Hi. I went to FCCJ and worked full time. It was hard, but graduated and became an RN. I am currenly 1/2 through the JU online RN-BSN program. It too is accellerated. I will not lie to you. It is VERY hard. Anytime you take accellerated nursing classes, pardon the expression, but it will be balls to the walls. It's doable, as someone else said, but definitely NOT easy. TIME MANAGEMENT will be our best friend!

    Best wishes!
  10. by   kodiakgirl
    You'd have to pry my nanny from my cold, dead fingers The only thing I'm concerned about is I keep hearing how new grads can't get jobs. Any new grads who have gotten a job pretty soon after graduating?
  11. by   annafscj
    i am in term 1 right now at fscj. my schedule is monday test 3-5, tuesday clinicals 7-1:30, wednesday class 9-12 and 1-4, and thursday class 9-12. two of those classes are hybrid so we dont go every week.

    can anyone tell me what their 2nd term classes are like at fscj?? im trying to plan ahead! thanks.
  12. by   hjhd
    Thanks Anna! That's exactly the type of info I'm looking for. I realize it changes every semester but I was curious what to expect. How are you liking the program so far?
  13. by   umsami
    Question...when I was at FCCJ (well FSCJ now) last week and asked about the nursing program, the advisor said that it was only for people who already had an associate's degree in Nursing. So.. am I missing something? (Probably )

    I was originally looking at UNF (Accelerated).. did really well on my TEAS... but their schedule seems so crazy. Even when I was talking to the director of the program, she said she couldn't really tell me set times I'd need to be available, etc. I hear JU is better... but so much more expensive.

    Anybody at JU... can you tell me what your life is like time-wise? I have three kids and am wondering if I'll need to wait until their a bit older to proceed. Next Fall, all three should be in school...but two of them only until 1:30 (8:30-1:30). I'd like to minimize nannies/after-care as much as possible. Part of me says just suck it up for a year... then part of me says just wait until at least all three are in school until 3:00 p.m.
  14. by   Ypoons
    Your best bet is to talk with the Nursing Adviser at the North Campus in regard to FSCJ. The other student advisers did not give me much information about the BSN program, and in fact, they acted like it wasn't even a normal BSN degree.
    I can tell you it is indeed like any other BSN degree. And in addition, you will be Critical Care Certified.
    Yes, you do have to already have your Associate Degree in nursing and have a certain amount of hours for experience before being accepted into the BSN program.
    It is intense, much paper writing. Clinicals come more toward the end since the nurses already have been working and have clinical experience. As far as the BSN schedule, it is Thursday evenings and every other Saturday the first semester, Tues. evenings and Thurs evenings the second semester with 8 clinical days in the 2nd half. It goes on for 15 months, full-time.There are a lot of hybrid courses which you mostly do online, then in classroom for tests. The schedule is easy to work around, but lots of homework. It is a great program.
    Good luck with your decision.